"The Dude"

Every cyclist in Connecticut knows   "The Dude"    they see him on every big climb or on some remote road.  He likes to pop up when you least expect him to. See our YouTube clip   "Turf Wars"    and you will better understand if you are not a cyclist.  

But what most people don't know is "The Dude" is world-wide!  Oh Yea..... he is a world traveler.  

The Dude travels in style, he stays at the best resorts and eats at the finest restaurants. He can always be seen with the hottest chicks and biggest 


  Scroll down the page and you will see The Dude is the coolest.

PS FOLKS......   These are the "real deal"  NO PHOTOSHOP !!!

Dude does Cancun..... Girls go Wild!

Dude enjoys a Mimosa before breakfast        

The Dude loves to ski

Rippin' up the slopes in Stratton Vermont

Dude does a little shopping for designer bike clothes in Beverly Hills     

       Dude decided to do a little sight seeing in Paris

The Dude visits The Sacre-Coeur in Paris France      



Dude enjoys a nice glass of French wine and escargot
The Dude stops at the Moulin Rouge for a show

   Dude does Haiti        

                                                                                                                                                 Of course the Dude is a jet pilot

                         Dude shows off his wings!


                        Yea....yea of course The Dude is a Jet-setter ... Come on you knew that! He can fly anything.  HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!

Dude heard there was a upbeat night club in St Kitts, West Indies. So he decided to take the hot chick holding him out  for a night of clubbing and dancing. 
He always dates the hottest women and is one heck of an entertainer too.

  Dude says the weather is great here Rio de Janerio this time of year don't miss it!

Dudes favorite tailor for cycling jerseys and shorts is in Brazil so off he went!
  Dude slips into the crews sleeping quarters on the flight to South America for a nap.


Let me get out of these cycling shoes and into a set of flip-flops. Hey it is beach time.

Come on now.... You did not think Dude stays at Motel 6 did ya? They can leave the lights on all night if they want,  Dude does the Marriott