Cool Stuff For Sale

Hey folks,

 If you want look stylish and about as cool as you can get, outfit yourself with one of our great tee shirts!  Get spotted sipping out of a "Dude" coffee cup and who knows what could happen. WOW!  Keep that pooch or kitty warm and it the height of fashion with a pet tee.

 Even though we make less than $5 on each item we sell every penny counts.  They help fund the next big cross country tour. So buy and give to a good "cause" . What "cause" you ask? "Cause" we like to have FUN!  All the goodies come in various colors and sizes.  We will hook you up with just what you need.  Click on the PayPal button and let's get the ball rollin'.

              "The Dude" Tee
                     FRONT                                             BACK

               Hi-Vis Work Tee                                                                                     LADIES JERSEY
                      $28.00                                                                                                   $26.00
                      FRONT                                              BACK    
                        FRONT                                               BACK     

2"x 3" Eliminator Cycling Stickers
                                                                                                                            $2.50 Each