Extreme Eliminator
What is Extreme Eliminator?  Well here are some photos of what some may call Extreme, but we call "normal".  Gosh, everyone we know does this kind of stuff.  At least the folks we hang with.  Check out some of the fun stuff we do off the bikes.

Team riders Tim Picard (left), Herb Petersen (center) and Ken Silvestri (right) celebrate 36 months in a row of skiing in New England. The hose you see is flowing hot water from the boats engine to help re-warm the skier after plunging into the 35 degree water!

Yep that is a chunk of ICE in Herbs hand and that is ice on the Niantic River. This photo was taken after they completed their 63rd consecutive month of water-skiing in Connecticut!  Thumbs up from Ken .....this water temperature is very "refreshing".

Ken Silvestri and Frank McDermott with Jamie Cortau saving boat fuel by skiing together!

     Ken Silvestri (right) Scott Anderoli  and Chet Lickola Jay Sullivan (left). Burn off a  40 mph four man barefoot run on the Niantic River!

   Team Rider Joe Gaudio pushes the other motocross rider out of the way as the compete for the same space ....see ya later dude!
                    Yea ......EXTREME HEAT can you say HOT!
   Your looking at ......Mr. Extreme himself .... Hangtime Herb Petersen blasts off another radical flip in the Air Chair as Team Rider Tim "Jonny Chair" Picard pilots the boat. Bad to the Bone!
Team Rider "Cowboy" Ken Silvestri demonstrates the fine art of Extreme Crashing as another case of "Big Air Gone Bad" prepares to stuff him hard. Hey guy where is your parachute? This could be UGLY.

  You want to talk EXTREME??  The guy you see sitting on Team Rider Joe Gaudio's bike at Eliminator Headquarters is none other than "The Million Mile Man" the FAMOUS DANNY CHEW!!! The winner of The Race Across America (RAAM) TWICE! This is guy is extreme photo is in the Websters dictionary under extreme. Check out his website!   Click Here to visit Danny's site.
Other Extreme Athlete, Guinness RECORD BREAKER and Team Eliminator friend RAAM Finisher John Jurczynski  Check this guy out! Gosh too many feats to list.  Team Eliminator was there at Atlantic City to be with JJ when he completed his Race Across America.

                                                     A younger Ken Silvestri shows off one of his many Extreme engines!
LOOK OUT! Tim "Jonny Chair" Picard's radical SKIDDER on the Air Chair.