The Great River Ride is one of our good buddy Don Podolski's best rides. We never miss this one. And if you do not know Don let me have the pleasure to tell you who he is. Don owns New Horizon Bicycles in Westfield, MA.  This guy has done more to promote cycling then anyone I know and now his daughter Mary is right in there with him grabbing at the reins. Real good people.

Now the The Ride.  Oh what a ride this is.  If you like punishment and beautiful scenery you came to the right place.  Don packed this 112 mile ride with over 9500' of climbing.  It is broke up nicely with refueling stops and the famous "Potato Hill" where after the longest climb of the ride you are rewarded with a piping hot  baked potato.

This ride is also can be run as a timed RUSA 170K Populaire
 as we like to run it.

He offers shorter versions of the ride but we have never run any of those. Why cheat your self out of any miles, serious climbs or beautiful scenery?
After the ride he puts on one of the best food spread you will find anywhere.  Good food and plenty of it.. You won't leaver hungry that is for sure.

Great River Ride