Herb Petersen

Cyclist, triathlete, water-skier, hydrofoiler, speed-skiier, snow-skiier, ice-skating  just to name a few.

Along with many other sporting activities Herb is an experienced endurance cyclist. HP has competed in Ultra Marathon and RUSA events. He rode the Fleche covering all 5 New England states in 24 hours.

He is also an expert Hydrofoiler twisting out flips with nosebleed heights off the water.  Hard to beat Herb is a proficient water-skier and barefooter.

He is backed up by his supportive wife Wendy and two beautiful children Tim and Heidi.
Can you say HUGE AIR!  Hangtime Herb and the famous twisting Flip!
 Well this guy goes by a few nicknames and has earned them all!!!    When he is pulling off a monster flip on the Air Chair 10' off the water he has been called "Hangtime Herb".  When he is blistering off a barefoot water-ski pass or punishing you to the limit on a bike we call him the "H-Bomb". 
Herb with Tour de France Rider Tom Dainelson

Lucky Herb has two SUPER KIDS Son Tim and gorgeous daughter Heidi. Lets not forget his beautiful supportive wife Wendy.

H-Bomb Herb Ken and Joe ready to ride 5 New England States in 24 hours of continuous cycling! Hardcore riders.

  BLAST OFF!!!!!!