Jay Sullivan

Team Rider

Jay Sullivan

Cyclist, ice skater, roller blades, water-skier, barefooter-skiier, 

windsurfer and  kayaker.

 Jay is a strong cyclist and water-sports enthusiast.   He is a first class barefoot water-skier, wake-border and slalom skier calling the Niantic River home for years. 

Footin' Fever ! 

When it comes to kayaking this is another sport where he excels. Whether it is endurance paddling to Fishers Island, NY from the Connecticut shore and back or just cruising the ocean.  Jay can always be found in his kayak during the summer months.  A  SEVEN TIME kayak race winner Jay Sullivan is always a contender in any sport.

Jay is also a talented roller-blader and cans be found regularly skating the Galaxy Rink in Groton or Ocean Beach New London.


Jay proudly rides custom built Campy equipped
Pinarello and Litespeed bicycles.

              Jay and Ken with Tour de France rider Tom Danielson 

Jay can always be seen with celebrities.  Here he is with Paul Jr and Mikey
of the TV Show Paul Jr Designs