Joe Gaudio

Joe Gaudio

Ultra Cyclist, RUSA Member,  UMCA Ultra Marathon Cycling Asscoiation Member,  Motocross Rider, Water-skier, Ice Skater, Kayaker

As an Ultra Cyclist Joe has competed in various Ultra Marathon Cycling  Races and RUSA  cycling events.   A 2006 BMB (Boston-Montréal-Boston) finisher and a Super Randonneur three years in a row. Along with many other events Joe has cycled across the USA twice 2008 and 2011

                                                 Joe riding cross country on The 2008 Wild West Tour

Joe riding Wild West Tour II - 4700 miles with 188,000 feet of climbing!       

He is an accomplished and strong endurance cyclist competing in events from 200 to 750 miles. Remember the clock does not stop in an Ultra Event! Joe  rode with the team 5 times in their "Five States in 24 Hours" event.  Joe and the Team ride a loop through Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont all within 24 hours! No sleep, ride the just bike!

Along with being an endurance cyclist Joe is a no-nonsense Motocross rider among other extreme sports

Of course Joe is not going anywhere without a supportive family. In this respect as the other riders he is lucky.  His wife Mary-Jane and son are his biggest fans and they of him. Joe's son Kyle is on the East Lyme football and wrestling team. He is also a boy scout