Kelley Behrens

Kelley Behrens  

Ultra Cyclist, hydrofoiler, water-skiier, kayaker, ice skater

Kelley has competed in many UMCA and RUSA cycling events ranging from 200 to 750 miles.  He was 2006 BMB finisher.  The BMB or Boston Montréal Boston 1200K is a 750 mile cycling event where the clock does not stop! Ouch!   He is  RUSA Super Randonneur cyclist.

 KB is an experienced distance-touring cyclist having ridden in all of our previous long distance tours.

As the rest of the Eliminator Cycling Team he also excels in most water sports.



His other interests include kayaking, ice-skating and swimming.   You can always count on him to be there at the finish line.


Kelley proudly rides Campy equipped Litespeed and Cannondale bicycles.

Kelley and his Litespeed Touring Bike
Here he is flying the Sky Ski Hydrofoil.

Geatting ready to blast off!