Ken Silvestri

Cyclist, Barefoot water-skier, Hydrofoiler, Water-skier Ice Skater, Marathon Speed Skier, Scuba Diving, Kayaker, Fast Cars and Boats, Fishing to name a few!

Ken high up in the Colorado Rockies during Wild West Tour I

Ken is an accomplished water-skier of over 40 years and like the rest of the team enjoys extreme water sports including barefoot skiing and hydrofoiling. 

Ripping up the Connecticut River

Ken is also an accomplished Hydrofoiler who was sponsored by the manufacturer and spokesperson at the New York boat show. With your feet and body strapped to this weapon without release this is without a doubt an extreme sport! 

The photo below is a classic case of "BIG AIR GONE BAD"....... ouch!!   Just like landing a fighter plane on an aircraft carrier flight deck your final approach is critical. The ski rope had been tossed but sadly for Ken this jet has no ejection seat or parachute to deploy.   
This crash landing is going to be UGLY.

Well if your going to be extreme on the water you cannot leave out Barefoot water-skiing. One of Kens                                                                 favorite pastimes is a relaxing 43mph blast down the lake on one foot! Oh Yea!

If Hydrofoiling is not extreme enough on a hot summer day Team riders Ken Silvestri, Tim Picard and wild man Herb Petersen pushed the evnvelpoe a tad more and hit the water every month for over 6 years in a row. No matter how cold the water was they could be found flying the Air Chair Hydrofoil!

   The "Rocket Boat"
This 435 pound hull is outfitted with one of Ken's 462 cubic inch monster motors. If you are a ski racer this boat is more than enough to get the job done! 

                             Another Team Eliminator ski machine sporting one of Ken's 355 cu in modified engines.

Of course none of these extreme sports and adventures would be possible without a VERY understanding and supporting wife. Ken always says "my wife is my biggest fan". I hers too!
     Ken's wife Debbie cycling on an summer day on Block Island                                                                                        Pizza Time

Ken and Debbie's wedding photo cut from the newspaper 35 years ago.  Yea that's right UNDERWATER!
Come on now you did not think a women that would let her husband do crazy things
is "normal" did ya! Ken and Deb were the first people to get married in an Aquarium.
This wedding was in 1979 at the Mystic Marinelife Aquarium main tank.