Recent Ride Photos

   Ken and Mike get in a winters ride

Team riders Mike, Tim, Scott, Joe and Ken  getting in the winter miles

Boy, can Ken's wife cook!!!!  Some of the team sits down for a super fish dinner and way too many bottles of wine and beer. Soooooo GOOD!!

Left to Right-  Jay "hangin' loose", Al, Tim, Joe, Kelley, Scott and Ken


Russ Loomis "Ultra Cyclist of Distinction" and of magazine cover fame, discuss who has the right to take the last two remaining beers on the table. Ken said he finished first so he should have them. Russ said he has rode 400 miles in less than 24 hours so he should have them. While they were discussing the matter Ted Lapinski grabbed them both saying he has the nicest bike.

Ken, Scott , Tim and Joe stop for a photo next to the Granby Oak one of Connecticut's oldest trees during the Spring 200K Brevet. (Photo Right)  And again the team stopped at this majestic tree a year earlier Tim, Joe, Ken and Al.  (Photo Right)