Special People

Oh our Special People.... who are they.  Well this group of people have helped the team in too many ways for us to explain.  They could have helped us train, motivate us, give of there time or expertise in a beneficial way. Some are just plain good folks and their is nothing wrong with that now is there. To us they are "special" and if you know any of them you will agree.  If you do not some some of them you will understand when you meet them. All are all great and listed in alphabetical order.

Marcia Harriman (supergirl)

Russ Loomis

Sandy Whittlesey

John Jurczynski

Wendy Petersen (superwife)

Don Podolski

Mary Podolski

Ken's Mom

Ken's Dad

Debbie Silvestri (superwife)

Mary-Jane Gaudio (superwife)

Yvette Ankner (Dude's Girl)

Pepe Performance Equipment ( makes these rides possible)