Summer Summit The Plan

This tour will take five riders from the Connecticut shore to the Canadian border and back. The 750+ mile route travels through Massachusetts, Vermont and upstate New York.  Making this trip will be Kelley Behrens, Joe Gaudio, Scott Kushman, Tim Picard and Ken Silvestri.  For the first time on a cycling tour we plan to try our luck at camping.

Camping means we will have to carry extra gear on our bikes. With none of us having any real previous camping experience this will be a real adventure. Because of our inexperience we ended up carrying more equipment than we actually needed.  

We quickly found out that not having trained with fully loaded bikes was big a mistake. We also did not have the right tools to make emergency repairs when needed. Experience is the best teacher so read our sections on "Training for a Big Tour” and “What to Carry on Tour “if you what to avoid any surprises. Under trained and overloaded we still had a blast.

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