The Plan


The Wild West Tour is a cross-country trip that will challenge our cycling endurance.  A coast-to-coast bicycle tour is one of the crown jewels in any cyclist career. We have each conquered many other cycling feats but this one has eluded us so far.

 This will NOT be a leisurely sight seeing trip by any means.  For us it will be a 3200 mile continuous work-out. We have an aggressive 100+ mile a day schedule planned. To put the numbers into perspective….  Hartford to Boston is 100 miles. Mystic to New York is 100 miles!  That is what we plan to ride every single day on loaded bicycles. Rain or shine hot or cold.

Add to this our route will have over 109,000 feet of climbing over two mountain ranges with loaded bicycles!

  Our worst enemy is “TOB”  …Time Off Bike….  To accomplish our mileage goal we must stay on the bike and ride. When you are tired from a few days of continuous pedaling it is easy to squander time at a fueling stop.  Off the bike minutes go by like seconds and the next thing you know 20 minutes has gone by.  Multiply this by 5 or 6 food and water stops and you will not get in the miles that day.

We cannot cut down on the amount of times we need to replenish supplies so we need to keep the TOB down to a minimum.

ACTUAL -  GPS Track of Wild West Tour I