WWT II Equipment

When you go for the "Big One" you pull out your best equipment.  This is exactly what the WWT II crew did. The riders went with the tried and true plan using equipment they knew would get the job done.  Go with your primary bike and outfit it with all new running gear.  A 4800 mile journey is no place to "experiment" with a new idea of what works.  The last thing you need near the end of a long day is a breakdown.

Rider Tim Picard will be riding a custom American made Serotta Rapid Tour built to fit his body.  This titanium framed machine will have an all new Campagnolo drive train helping push it over the Rockies. This bike already knows it's way across the country as it was used in WWT I and other long distance tours. This bike is equipped with a two way radio and GPS unit as the other bicycles.  

Riding another custom made bicycle is Joe Gaudio.  He will be perched on an American made Independent Fabrication built bicycle.  This frame the "Independence" was specifically built  for Joe in 2001 and was just sent back to the factory for repaint.  The bike sports a beautiful new red and yellow flame job now and also is a proven cross country trekker. Like all the other team riders Joe is strictly a "Campy Only" rider.  Nothing but the best will do for Joe. Jandd Racks and panniers complete the package.

Ken Silvestri will be riding his favorite bicycle as usual.  Another American custom built titanium gem with over 65,000 miles on it. His Litespeed Blue Ridge has been on every tour he has made to date . Campy running gear of course, White Industries  hubs and plenty of his own custom racks, mirrors and mounts.

The team tries to use as much American made components as possible. Whether it be the USA made Frog pedals or the Dinotte lighting. Nobody builds better than an American craftsman.

Or past experience has taught us leave with the best gear you can and it will get you home every time.