WWT II The Plan



This next cycling adventure is taking us across America from New England to the rugged coast of the Pacific Northwest. Our meandering route will take us through 20 different states along the way.  

From the Connecticut shoreline 3 riders  Joe Gaudio, Tim Picard and Ken Silvestri will begin the journey by heading west through upstate New York. We will then bisect hilly Pennsylvania to meet the Great Lakes in Ohio.

Continuing west the team will enter the states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. The route then heads north crossing into Minnesota and North Dakota before we change our direction once again to the south.

We will travel through the plains of South Dakota then touch into Nebraska before entering the state of Wyoming. Again, our route changes direction as we head northwest into Montana's big sky country.

 Here is where our route takes an unusual twist and once again heads south through Idaho and into Nevada. After leaving Jackpot, Nevada we again point towards the north entering Oregon then finally Washington State where our journey will end.

While riding the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains we will cross the Continental Divide five times.

Why did we choose such a meandering route to the west? To help us achieve our goal of having cycled in every state.  At the completion of this route only eight states will remain to conquer.

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